St George's Day Parade timeline

Apr 02, 2017

  • Arrive at Howard Park by 2:15
  • On arrival look for 5th Letchworth. They will give you a laminated sign with your group number and some tape to temporarily fix it to your flag pole so your group can more easily find you
  • Parade will leave Howard Park at 2:30 and proceed via Norton Way North, Station Road, and Broadway to Broadway Gardens.
  • District will lead the parade
  • Line up in Groups (each section led by its colours).  Order:
    • 5th Letchworth
    • 7th Letchworth
    • 8th Letchworth
    • 11th Letchworth
    • 12th Letchworth
    • 1ST Baldock
    • 2nd Baldock
    • Ashwell
    • 4th Letchworth
    • Explorers
    • Network
    • Active Support
  • A drummer will set the pace. 
  • The order of ‘service’ handouts will be given to you as you arrive at Broadway Gardens.
  • Stewards will guide each group’s colours down the middle of Broadway Gardens to their flag stands and the rest of the group will be guided around the outside to stand behind their flags. Flags will stay with the groups rather than being presented.
  • There will be an introduction, the story of St. George performed by the Imajica Theatre Company, some singing, and a renewal of promises.
  • After the groups are dismissed, there will be a table in the park handing out cakes (under a gazebo if necessary)
  • There will be tea and biscuits at St. Michaels Church for guests and anyone interested in popping in for a hot drink. 

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